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Pig pens should be warm, ventilated, properly lighted, and appropriate for each stage of life. Microclimatic conditions are vital in relation to the health, comfort, and productivity of the animals.

Such conditions are as follows:

  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Lighting
  • Air pollution

Of these conditions, the most important are humidity and temperature. Depending on the quality of the building, these conditions are subject to vary, and therefore have substantial influence on the animals. Pigs that are subjected to colder temperatures are at risk to breathing problems, increased food rations, and lower birth weights. During the time where pigs gain most of their weight (35-70kg), this body mass increase is diminished by 15-20g per day at a 1°C decrease of required air temperature.

Temperature requirements for pigs:

  • Piglets: 24-26°C
  • Pigs: 17-24°C
  • Fattening pigs: 14-22°C
  • Boars: 12-20°C
  • Sows (little or no piglets): 12-20°C
  • Sows (many piglets): 15-25°C
  • Feeding sows: 18-26°C

Due to these temperature requirements, floor heating should be used to adapt to the needs of each type of pig. The system should be installed under the entire pen or where the pigs reside the most.

Paths & Driveways

Slippery or dangerous paths and driveways can be made safe and usable, using our heated cable systems. Our systems are especially useful in domestic and publically accessible buildings. Examples would include sloped driveways outside of homes, which might otherwise require a vehicle to be towed out after heavy snowfall or icy conditions.

Access paths and steps to buildings such as homes, shops, hospitals and care homes can be made safer for all visitors. more

Agriculture & Gardening

Correct humidity and temperature are vital in relation to the health, comfort and productivity of pigs and cattle. Our heating systems help ensure these factors are properly taken care of.

Commercial gardeners and home gardeners can help ensure greater plant yields and healthier plants through the use of propagation systems.

Froststop Attic Systems

Using attic systems from Froststop.ie we can prevent frozen or burst pipes in the home, during periods of cold Irish weather. more

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