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Heating cables are capable of maintaining required temperatures to prevent tanks of water, oils, chemicals, and other liquids from freezing and maintaining the required temperatures / consistency. The cables can also be used to heat silos with grains, sugars, and other such items.

ELEKTRA VC/VCD heating cables cannot be installed on tanks where the cables can be exposed to greases, oils, or other chemicals and where there is a risk of the temperature reaching more then 65oC .

To choose an appropriate heating cable, it is important to determine the possible heat losses of the tank. Such losses are dependant on the tank size, type, thermal insulation, the required temperature, and the minimum outside temperature.

For tanks with foundations, heat losses from the underside of the tank should be taken into consideration. The exact heat loss per tank varies due to the variety of shapes (cylindrical, rectangular, and conical), the type of foundation (with legs or solid), and any additional equipment required (access opening, ladders, level indicators).

Paths & Driveways

Slippery or dangerous paths and driveways can be made safe and usable, using our heated cable systems. Our systems are especially useful in domestic and publically accessible buildings. Examples would include sloped driveways outside of homes, which might otherwise require a vehicle to be towed out after heavy snowfall or icy conditions.

Access paths and steps to buildings such as homes, shops, hospitals and care homes can be made safer for all visitors. more

Agriculture & Gardening

Correct humidity and temperature are vital in relation to the health, comfort and productivity of pigs and cattle. Our heating systems help ensure these factors are properly taken care of.

Commercial gardeners and home gardeners can help ensure greater plant yields and healthier plants through the use of propagation systems.

Froststop Attic Systems

Using attic systems from Froststop.ie we can prevent frozen or burst pipes in the home, during periods of cold Irish weather. more

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Phone us today on 058 47335 to arrange an initial (no obligation) consultation to discuss your requirements. Our projects include everything from small domestic greenhouse propagation systems to large scale industrial tanks and piping systems. more

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